Advisory Networks

Youth Advisory Network

What better teacher can we find to instruct us on what our youth expect, need and desire when they are in need of support than the experts themselves – the youth! So we have created a place for youth to have a voice in how services are delivered. With youth giving guidance and feedback, we will constantly be challenged to reach them using means and resources that matter to them. As a participant of the Youth Advisory Network, youth ages 13-18 can discuss services in a safe and non-judgmental environment with the goal of helping to develop a more sensitive and effective system of care. Are you between the ages of 13-19? Are you interested in improving the supports available to you when need them? Then this is for you! Please contact us!

Community Advisory Network

Working together with local providers is essential to building a community of care focused on the success of the families of Boone County. That is why we have developed the Community Advisory Network, where we invite partnering agencies who serve the youth and families of Boone County to collaborate and discuss provision of care within the community. As a team we will tackle some of the most difficult cases to identify the most appropriate system of supports for youth and families when other options have failed. In addition, we will explore ways to continue to enhance our service system and referral process for connecting FACE families to the most appropriate resource within the area. If you are interested in representing your agency as a member of the Advisory Network, please contact us!