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We are now offering In-Person appointments at our new location, 2700 W. Ash St. Ste. 136, Columbia, MO 65203. Downstairs at Boone County Family Resources.

To make a referral or schedule an appointment please call 573-771-FACE(3223).

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The Family Access Center of Excellence (FACE) of Boone County

FACE is a single point of entry families with youth ages 0-19 who are seeking services for social, emotional, and behavioral concerns.

  • Access to a supportive and friendly single point of entry that unconditionally accepts referrals from all Boone County entities
  • Access to trained and licensed professionals who will guide families through an evaluation of youth and family
  • Access for youth and family to increased choice of local service providers (e.g., organizations, agencies, programs, resources, and services) to address areas of need
  • Access to trained and licensed case managers to assist youth and families to overcome common barriers to accessing services (e.g., lack of options, transportation, cost, etc.).

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FACE aims to support local government and social service agencies seeking to improve the impact and coordination of services for youth and families in Boone County by providing technical assistance. More specifically, FACE seeks improve the accuracy of present investments and infrastructure improvements in our social service system through:

  • Implementation Support
  • Linking Research, Practice and Evaluation
  • Effective Partnership and Collaboration
  • Ongoing Workforce Development

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FACE aims to develop and promote widespread use of an integrated information management system. To reassure the taxpayers of Boone County that their investment in FACE is producing valuable child, family, and community outcomes, deidentified and aggregated data will be reported back to the Boone County Children’s Services Board to gauge the success of FACE, drive funding and decisional systems, allocate resources, and improve the bottomline quality of services in our community. By documenting and monitoring the progress using reliable measures, clearly defined exit criteria, and tracking progress on these indicators at the county levels using an integrated information management system—FACE will serve as a central pillar to monitor the success of services at several levels.

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What we do

Improving access to high quality social, emotional, & behavioral health services for all youth (0-19) & their families who live in Boone County.

FACE is a single point of entry for families with youth ages 0-19 who are seeking services for social, emotional, or behavioral concerns. What we do is we complete a detailed assessment to help families identify areas of concern and we assist them by linking them with appropriate services to address their needs. Each family will be assigned a clinical case manager who will partner with them from the beginning to make sure that appropriate services are received as well as to support the family throughout the process.

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FACE provides a single point of entry for families who are in need of support. Through using a strengths-based family systems approach, FACE Clinical Case Managers work with families to identify areas of need and assist them in choosing local resources that can assist them. If you know someone who may be able to benefit from this type of support, please provide us with your contact information so that one of our Case Managers can get in touch with you.

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