Asking for help is HARD…

We make it EASY!

The FACE Community Team provides free case management services to Boone County families with a child (aged 0-19) who may be experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral concerns. Our supportive services help connect families to community resources that address the concerns they have for their children and for their family as whole.

Our services are voluntary,
and free of charge.

Are you experiencing financial hardship that makes
accessing mental health counseling services a challenge?

Through our collaboration with several local mental health clinicians, we connect families experiencing financial barriers to 10 free therapy sessions to ensure their mental health needs are met. For further information, please reach out to us!

What to Expect

The FACE Community Team provides case management services that support you and your family in connecting to community resources that meet your specific needs. We do NOT provide counseling, but provide support in connecting to services such as counseling, after-school activities, basic needs, and much more!

Our Clinical Case Managers will:

  • LISTEN about the concerns you have for your child as well as your entire family
  • PROVIDE an evidence-based survey that helps identify the needs of your family
  • SUPPORT the goals you want for your family

  • CONNECT you to the community services that you choose
  • ADDRESS barriers that may prevent you from connecting to resources
  • FOLLOW-UP to make sure your needs are being met

Step 1

BEFORE your appointment you will…

  • Receive a confirmation text to confirm your scheduled appointment.
  • Receive a survey that includes a questionnaire about your child/family needs.

Step 2

AT appointment you will…

  • Be shown warmth and compassion as you discuss and prioritize the concerns and needs you have for your child and entire family.
  • Learn about various community resources that support and address the top concerns your child and family are experiencing.
  • Receive support when connecting to your desired resources.

  • Address any barriers faced when connecting to services.

Step 3

AFTER your appointment you will…

  • Receive brief, follow-up calls to provide ongoing support in connecting to your desired resources and to ensure that your needs are being met.

  • Receive a $5 Amazon or Target Gift Card for each bi-weekly survey text you complete about your progress.